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mardi 17 avril 2018

Actually, We Have No Love | Krishnamurti

This is an excerpt of a talk given by J. Krishnamurti, a philosopher, writer, and speaker. "You know, actually, and that is a terrible thing to realize. Actually, we have no love. We have sentiment; we have emotionality, sensuality, sexuality; we have remembrances of something which we have thought as love. But actually, brutally, we have no love. Because to have love means no violence, no fear, no competition, no ambition. If there is love, there is peace, because you would educate your children not to be a nationalist, not to have only a technical job and look after his own petty little affairs. You would have no nationality, there would be no divisions of religion, if you loved. But as these things actually exist - not theoretically, but brutally - in this ugly world, it shows that you have no love. If the mother really loved her child, do you think the world would be like this? So we have not that love. But you must have it. If you don't have it, you cannot have virtue, you cannot be orderly, you cannot live with passion. And there is no time. You can't say, "Well, I can live without love because I have lived without love for two million years and I will live another two million years without love" - that means perpetual sorrow for the next two million years. So what will you do? If you say please tell me what to do, then you are missing the bus entirely. But if you saw the importance, the immensity, the urgency of that question - not tomorrow not the next day or the next hour, but see it now while you are sitting. Admittance of time is the greatest sorrow. As sorrow and love cannot be resolved, or love cannot exist through time, what is the state of your mind that has put this question? If you put that question with that alacrity, with that urgency, with that potency, then what takes place in the mind? Because it will not allow time to come and interfere. Therefore such a mind has an infinite space both in the mind and in the heart; and so that mind is in a state of love; and in that sense of beauty, in that sense of vast, infinite space, there is creation." J. Krishnamurti Varanasi, 5th Public Talk 28th November 1964